Harper’s Choice

Harper’s Choice is one of the ten villages that comprise Columbia, Maryland. It consists of the neighborhoods of Longfellow, Swansfield, and Hobbit’s Glen. Longfellow was named for the American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Hobbit’s Glen was taken from the works of J.R.R Tolien. Swansfield was inspired by the paintings of James Mcneill Whistler.

What Makes Harper’s Choice Unique?
• Village Center – has a grocery store, banks, restaurants, other retail establishments, and the community center, Kahler Hall. The community center was named for the Kahler family, whose farm was located here.
• B&O Railroad Station Museum – A National Historic Landmark, this Railroad Station in Ellicott City is the oldest in the United States. Built in 1830 and in service until 1972, the museum now offers programs and exhibits that explore the development of transportation in America.

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