Long Reach

Long Reach is one of ten villages comprising Columbia, Maryland. Started in 1971, it is one of the oldest villages, and comprises four neighborhoods: Jeffers Hill, Kendall Ridge, Locust Park, and Phelps Luck. The village is governed by five elected village board members through Long Reach Community Association, Inc.
Many of the village’s streets take their names from the works of Robinson Jeffers, after whom the Jeffers Hill neighborhood is named.
What Makes Long Reach Unique?
• Long Reach High School – is located in eastern Howard County. It is east of Maryland Route 175 and west of Maryland Route 108. This school is a very short distance south of Howard High School. Long Reach High School’s boundary touches those of Howard High School, Oakland Mills High School, and Hammond High School.
• Long Reach Village Center – 105,000 rentable square feet, situated on 7.57 acres of land.

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